During the pursuit of the products of famous brands, people often become victims of the scammers. It is really unpleasant to pay money for the «exclusive thing» produced in the basement of a neighboring house. To avoid this, you should pay attention to some nuances. Brand or fake: how to find out?


Naturally, a branded thing can not cost two rubles. If you are offered a product of a popular brand for a ridiculous price, it is most likely a fake. Even things from past collections are not sold for a pittance.

Place of purchase

The products of famous brands are unlikely to be sold in the city market or on street trays. World-famous fashion houses sell their goods in specialized stores, and not in the station’s eateries.


Branded things are expensive not only because of the label with the name of the famous manufacturer. These products are of high quality. People will not pay outrageous money exclusively for the label. When buying a thing, check how well it is made.