In the kindergarten of Lvov, a boy has been hurt of HIV-infected syringe. He found it in the territory of the kindergarten during the walk. The four-year child has been accidentally scratched a needle. The teachers took a syringe away from the baby and gave it to the examination in the Lvov AIDS Center. The results were disappointing. The experts have confirmed that the blood in the syringe was HIV-infected. They offered child’s parents to make a blood test. The virus was not found there. But the doctors say that it can happen later.

Besides, there is a probability to be infected with hepatitis C.

The boy has been already prescribed a preventive treatment, that’s why he has high chances to stay healthy.

According to statistics, over the past year in Lvov 12 children has pricked of infected syringes. They found them in the kindergartens or the playgrounds of the city.