There are mass demonstrations in Poland. They are directed against the adoption of a law which forbids women to do abortions. The journalists called this action “Black protest”.

The polish deputies of parliament have approved the bill in the first reading. According to it, an abortion becomes a criminal offense.

Thousands of people, worn in black, went into the streets of Poland in a protest. The colour of the participants’ clothes symbolize an absence of a choice for women.

An opinion of the citizens influenced the government. According to the Minister of Science and Higher Education Yaroslav Golovin, there won’t be a total ban on abortions.

The Ukrainian people have also supported the Poles. The same demonstrations took place in Lvov and Kiev.

As some doctors think, an official ban on abortions will force women to address in clandestine offices. Ant this can become the reason of increased mortality among the female population.

A Polish law on the termination of pregnancy is considered to be one of the strictest among all the European countries.