Turbo, Barbie, Love is, Stimorol… Inserts with cars and Barbie dolls. Collecting and exchange. People whose childhood fell in the 90th years of the 20th century will understand me. 168 years is marked today since the creation of the children’s favorite sweets – chewing gum. It has been invented by John Curtis (America). And he has organized its production on an industrial scale. Pine resin was chosen as a raw material for this product. But it was not very popular because of its taste qualities. Even the addition of different flavors did not save the situation.

Everything has been changed in 1858. Chewing gum was produced from rubber. This idea came to a head of Thomas Adams. The inventor started to use licorice for a more pleasant taste.

And today we can choose chewing gum for every taste. Fruits, berries, mint, honey. Also for fans of the experiments gum with non-standard flavors are produced: wasabi, wine, cactus, bacon. The additive components are various.

As the producers constantly urge us, the use of chewing gum is not only pleasant but also good for our health. Several chewing pads after eating will protect our teeth from caries and restore the acid-alkaline balance.