The nutritionists strongly recommend starting your day with a glass of warm water with lemon juice. This ordinary beverage will bring great benefit to health. How exactly does it work?

Benefit of warm water with lemon

The organism wakes up faster

After waking, the body is not yet ready for full functioning. It needs to be awakened. To do this, drink water with lemon. This beverage will help to start the digestive system, and flush toxins.

The saturation of vitamin C

It is known that lemon contains much of this trace element. Vitamin C will protect you from colds, strengthen the immune system.

Improving the condition of the skin

Water moisturizes the skin well, maintains its tone. Due to the cleaning effect, the color of the skin is leveled, the volume of rash is decreased.

Beverage promotes weight loss

Water with lemon accelerates the metabolic process. And as a result, body weight is reduced.