Many gourmets do not imagine their life without seafood. In addition, that the various shellfish are very delicious, they are also useful. If you do not know about it, we advise you to read what the benefit of seafood is.


Oysters, squid, crayfish and other marine inhabitants contain a large amount of iodine. This micronutrient is necessary for the proper functioning of the thyroid gland. It is worth noting that the use of artificially iodinated products may even be harmful to the body. An overdose of iodine will negatively affect health. Such a problem does not arise with seafood. Excess iodine will come out naturally, without accumulating in the body.


This microelement strengthens the body: regulates blood pressure and quantity, stabilizes the work of the cardiovascular system.


The amount of protein contained in seafood significantly exceeds the volume of this trace element in river fish and freshwater crustaceans. And if you compare this protein with chicken eggs, then its assimilation goes much faster.

Low calorie content

Seafood is a diet product. The most calories are oysters. They contain about 150 Kcal. The easiest for the stomach are mussels (60 Kcal).