What is the benefit of mushrooms? The scientists answered this question. It turns out that there is practically no fat in this product (only 1%). This is indispensable for people who are prescribed diet food.

Mushrooms saturate the body well. In addition, they have a curative effect. This product contains lecithin. This substance prevents the accumulation of cholesterol.

To whom are the mushrooms useful?

This product should be consumed by people suffering from obesity, diseases of the cardiovascular system, as well as diabetes.

Some species of mushrooms are widely used in medicine. The doctors make extracts that help treat such diseases as tuberculosis, angina, stomach ulcer, and allergies. The specialists are sure that the mushrooms prevent the increase in the size of tumor formations.

Age restrictions

The doctors do not advise feeding mushrooms to children under 12 years old because their body can not yet qualitatively digest such food.