A few centuries ago, asparagus was the food of nobles and wealthy people. But already today it has become quite popular product, which can be seen on the table of any average person. Not surprisingly, this plant has become so relevant. Asparagus has useful properties that favorably affect the body. What is the benefit of asparagus?

Vitamins and trace elements

Asparagus contains many useful substances. Vitamin B improves the nervous system. Vitamin A strengthens the body, helps to resist viruses and eliminate toxins. Also, asparagus includes folic acid, which improves reproductive function.

In addition, asparagus is rich in various microelements, which are so necessary for the body: calcium, zinc, iron, selenium, etc.

Weight loss remedy

This plant will help you to lose a few extra pounds. Asparagus is low-calorie, but nutritious enough. Just be careful, because this product has a diuretic effect.