The collection of signatures for the impeachment of Alexander Lukashenko has already begun on one of the Internet sites. In addition to the resignation of the incumbent President, the Belarusians want to make their state a parliamentary republic.

Content of the petition

In the opinion of the drafters of this appeal, Belarus can not move towards prosperity under the leadership of Lukashenko. The petition says that the President does not take into account the Constitution of the state. Realization of fundamental rights and freedoms of the population became impossible. The inhabitants of the country can not rely on the protection of their rights in the manner prescribed by the main law.

In addition, the authors of the petition insist that the authority should not be concentrated in the same hands. Otherwise, the country awaits the deplorable fate of fascist Germany.

Belarusian laws

After collecting the required number of votes, the petition will be sent to the Constitutional Court of Belarus. The procedure for the resignation of the head of the Belarusian state can only be initiated by the Parliament.