Russian President Vladimir Putin, probably, will not make a fundamental decision about relations with Ukraine before the elections, which will take place in March 2018.

This opinion was expressed in an interview with the Ukrainian side Konstantin Zatulin. He is deputy chairman of the State Duma Committee responsible for relations with the CIS.

He suggested that although the president’s decisions are condemned, he takes them deliberately. In particular, due to the upcoming elections, most likely, he will not take decisions about Ukraine.

What kind of decision is meant, the deputy did not predict. I noted only that there are many options.

He also believes that the inclusion of the Crimea and Sevastopol (1954) in the territory of Ukraine was illegal. So he proposed to cancel the article (in the agreement on cooperation with Ukraine) about the Crimea and Sevastopol belonging to Ukraine.

Meanwhile, the UK asked for support from the international community in supporting the UN resolution on human rights violations in the Crimea.

The message was posted on the Twitter microblog of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In it, the Foreign Ministry called on the countries to pay attention to «the illegal occupation of the Crimea and the violation of human rights in this territory.» The accompanying widget tells about illegal arrests and sentences. In addition, a separate item is «the persecution of the Crimean Tatars». A new resolution was supported by the UN committee. In it, the Russian Federation is calling for the abrogation of certain Russian laws in the Crimea.