The researchers of Great Britain have proved that beet is the best way to lower blood pressure. The investigators from London and Basta engaged in this issue for several years. And they decided to share their observations and results.

It turns out that the whole thing is in a special form of nitrates. They are contained in a beet. After contact of these nitrates in the human body, they are transformed to nitric oxide. This substance releases tension from the walls of blood vessels. As a consequence, the pressure decreases.

But if you don’t have an opportunity to squeeze the juice, cook beetroot salads or eat this vegetable in its raw form.

British scientists say that it is the best way to use the beets in the form of fresh juice. Only 250 ml of this product can significantly reduce the pressure (about 10 mm mercury column). The effect of this remedy can last up to 24 hours. Perhaps due to this simple product you will be able to abandon the expensive medicines.

Remember that it is necessary to monitor your state of health and note any changes in it. Such treatment of hypertension may be appropriate not to everyone.