BBC2 channel plans to shoot a TV drama “King Charles III” based on the play of Mike Bartlett. The producer of the television version of the play will be the company Drama Republic.

This story tells about the British royal family.

The main theme of the plot is Prince Charles’ ascension to the British throne.

The newly made king did not want to sign one of the bills.

This causes to riots and protests, as well as political issues.

The actors for the filming of a new movie are already chosen

King Charles – Tim Pigott-Smith.

Duchess of Cambridge Catherine – Charlotte Riley.

Prince William – Oliver Chris.

Prince Harry – Richard Goulding.

According to the British director Rupert Gould, the play “King Charles III” is popular with theatergoers of Great Britain. The performances have great success in the West End and on Broadway. Moreover, the theater troupe has been on a tour around the country.