British Broadcasting Service BBC plans to extend the range of its listeners. Radio company will create new language services for this purpose.

At the moment, the BBC news broadcasts in 28 languages around the world. English-speaking radio stations work round the clock.

New languages, which will be used by BBC

Korean. 80 million people use this language for communication.

Amharic. It is the official language of Ethiopia. More than 20 million people speak it.

Gudzharti, Punjabi, Telugu and Marathi. These dialects are used by the inhabitants of India. In total, this country has 23 official languages.

Igbo. Nearly 20 million Nigerians speak this language.

Oromo. A language of the people of Kenya and Ethiopia. It is used by 25 million people.

Tigrinya. The dialect of the inhabitants of the Ethiopian Tigray province.

Yoruba. It is widespread in West Africa. About 30 million people speak this language.

Already next year the new language services will begin their working.

Today, 16 November, the first time the BBC radio service broadcasting is carried out in the Thai language.

BBC will celebrate centenary in 2022. By this time, the company’s management plans to reach an audience of listeners in half a billion people.