This flavored herb is known to all gourmets. It is often added to the grilled meat or fish. Also, basil goes well with the vegetables. Few people know that this plant has many medicinal properties. How can it help us?

Strengthening of immunity

As well as any herbs, basil is rich in useful minerals. If you eat it you will improve your health.

Cold’s treatment

This greenery kills microbes because it is a natural antiviral agent. This plant will help you to recover faster.

Lowering the temperature

If you have a fever, it is necessary to prepare basil broth. Drink it and you will immediately feel better.

Termination of coughing

The use of this plant will ease a cough. Basil helps to relieve inflammation and lead out the phlegm from the lungs.

Blood pressure lowering

This greenery cleanses the blood vessels, removes toxins and the excess cholesterol from them. And as a result, blood pressure decreases.

Treatment of oral cavity

Basil has an anti-inflammatory and soothing effect. Besides, it will help you to keep fresh breath.

Salvation from the insects’ stings

Essential oil of basil which is applied to the skin can repel the insects. You can also squeeze out the juice of this plant.

The healing of wounds

Attach the basil leaf to the wound and it will heal faster. Basil works just like plantain.

Prevention of aging

The use of this herb slows down the aging processes in the body. Basil is a natural antioxidant which is responsible for the rejuvenation of cells and tissues.