The Bank of donated breast milk, which is located in Ireland, asks for help. The institution helps those mothers who can not independently feed their babies. To date, the Bank’s reserves will last only for two weeks.

The experts seek the help of caring people. They are asking nursing mothers to contribute to Ireland’s recovery of stocks of milk. The doctors emphasize that all donors pass a number of required tests, so the milk has only good quality in the Bank.

Benefit of breast milk

The doctors say that breast milk helps to nurse premature babies. It ensures the correct functioning of the child’s intestines and has a curative effect.

According to WHO, breastfeeding is very important in the first six months of a child’s life. It strengthens immunity. Baby resists infections better. It decreases the likelihood of developing chronic diseases.

Breastfeeding also benefits mothers. It reduces the risk of cancer diseases, improves overall health.