Female deputies of the Israeli Parliament staged a small protest under the walls of the building. An indignation of the Knesset’s employees was called by the ban on wearing short skirts and dresses. Several deputies were not allowed to go to the workplace because the guards did not like the length of their skirts.

According to the Israeli Parliament’s security service, the dresses of the deputies and their assistants must be no shorter than five centimeters from the knee.

In protest, the employee of the Knesset, dressed in short skirts and gaiters, have organized a demonstration at the Parliament. According to them, there is a serious tightening of the dress code for female workers of this organization. The causes of this situation are unknown. A spokesman of the Parliament told that the same stringent requirements are made for the appearance of men and women. He said that protest action was a provocation.

Historical reference

Almost fifty years ago, the skirt of the women, who were the Israeli army soldiers, have also been thoroughly checked.