Winter is almost over. The human body is depleted due to the lack of vitamins. People are more prone to various diseases. Avitaminosis comes on the heels almost every inhabitant of the middle latitudes. The mood deteriorates, the immune system is weakened. The doctors tell how to cope with this condition. First of all, you should focus on nutrition. Proper choice of products can significantly improve your health and elevate mood. Food should contain useful vitamins and minerals. The experts advise refraining from non-seasonal fruits and vegetables because harmful substances are used for their cultivation.

Fight avitaminosis

Cod-liver oil

Few people love this product. But one can hardly argue with the fact how useful it is. The cod-liver oil contains large amounts of vitamin A. This substance improves the immune system.


This food is available to the public all year round. But it is especially useful to eat it in winter. It is rich in vitamins and trace elements. In addition, sauerkraut improves digestion, lowers cholesterol.

Dried fruits

Lack of fresh fruit can be compensated for the use of dried fruit. Raisins, dried apricots, prunes — these products are not only delicious but also useful. Moreover, dried fruits replace your dessert well.

Bitter chocolate

If you are in a bad mood, and energy is running out, eat a little dark chocolate. You will immediately feel a surge of vitality.


To avoid frequent colds, you should eat foods rich in vitamin C. As a rule, to compensate the lack of this substance citrus can be used. Grapefruit is not only saturating the body with vitamin C but also contribute to the acceleration of metabolism. And it is very important during cold weather.