Muslims from Australia want to create a cartoon that will demonstrate their culture and traditions. The basis will be taken by an animated film about Peppa Pig of British manufacturing.

Funds for the implementation of this idea will be collected by the National Council of Imams in Australia. The head of the organization calls on all Muslim families to make a contribution to the creation of the cartoon, praising their religion.

It is planned to spend 15 thousand dollars for the production. Sydney One4Kids company will be engaged in the creation of this animated film. An executive producer of the organization Sabha Alsheyk says that “Peppa Pig” is a good television show. But this animated series is not always set a good example for children. Therefore, the idea to create their own, perfect television product for the youngest Muslims appeared.

It is expected that this new cartoon will be called “Barakah Hills”.

The series for children about Peppa Pig is broadcast in almost two hundred countries around the world.