Recently, the media reported that Apple intentionally slows down the iPhone as their batteries become obsolete

This news was very disappointing to users, who, of course, concluded that the company in such a dishonest way forces them to buy new models of smartphones.
GeekBench conducted a series of experiments, which confirmed that, because of old batteries, the performance of smartphones is indeed declining. The processor slows down.
After promulgating such information, Apple officially announced that they really added a new feature in the iPhone version 6 and above. Its essence is to prevent a sudden shutdown of the device (which can harm electronic components), by means of more economical energy consumption.

Degraded batteries provoke an artificial slowdown of the processor. This can encourage a person to buy a newer iPhone model. Although, you can simply replace the battery. But in any case, angry comments disappointed users of Apple indicate a very negative reaction to the news.

In response, the company formally apologized for such measures. This should make amends for the users. Apple greatly values ​​its reputation, so the official letter turned out to be very voluminous and informative. It again indicates the «noble» motives for such measures, as well as the recognition that the company does not want to disappoint users and is trying its best to create products loved by everyone.

In addition, from now on the replacement of old batteries will cost several times cheaper. In comparison with the old prices of $ 79, the procedure will now cost $ 29. This service in the service centers will be launched this month around the world.

Another «plus» in this situation was Apple’s decision to make the technical state of devices more transparent. A person using the iPhone with a new firmware can see the extent of the battery’s wear and see how this affects the performance of the system.