In Sherwood Forest, a massive gold ring with a precious stone was found. This jewelry was discovered by the inhabitant of Nottinghamshire, who was walking with a metal detector in this fabulous place. According to the antiquarians, this jewel dates from the fourteenth century. The cost of the ring is estimated at nearly one hundred thousand dollars.

The ring consists of pure gold for 80%. There is an engraving at this jewelry. On one side Christ in infancy is depicted, and on the other is the image of an unknown saint.

At the moment, a ring is on the expertise of the employees of the British Museum. The specialists have established that the finding relegated to the era of the Plantagenet dynasty.

Ring of Robin Hood

The most romantic people suggest that this gold ring belongs to the principal defender of the poor — Robin Hood. According to the legend, the king of the robbers lived in Sherwood Forest with his team.