Fighting cellulite is a favorite pastime of almost every girl. Even the slimmest woman manages to find traces of “orange peel”. To get rid of this unpleasant phenomenon, various methods are used. Some of them are quite painful. If you do not want to feel very uncomfortable, pay attention to the wrapping. With the help of simple manipulations, you can greatly improve the condition of your skin in problem areas.

Wrapping can be made in a beauty salon. But as a rule, such a procedure is quite expensive. If you want to save your budget, make a wrap at home. To have the greatest impact of procedure, a sequence of actions should be carried out.

Skin cleansing

Before wrapping, clean skin thoroughly. To do this, use the scrub. This step is very important because it allows removing dead cells maximally. The skin begins to breathe, blood circulation is improved. Therefore, wrapping will be more effective.

Applying masks

After cleansing, apply special cream or mask to the problem areas. Such cures can be found in the stores. Or you can make it at home.


To get the maximum benefit from the procedure, wrap your body with layer (not very tight). Saving a certain temperature is an important consideration during wrapping.

After half an hour, remove the layer and the remnants of the cream.