Anna Kalynchuk has headed Department of lustration of the Ukrainian Ministry of Justice. The new leader of the committee is only 23 years old. Kalynchuk will occupy this administrative post temporarily.

An open competition for this vacant position will be already announced in the nearest future.

Earlier, Tatiana Kozachenko was the head of the lustration committee. She has resigned of her own volition. Kozachenko did not plan to occupy the post of head of the committee for more than two years.

According to the head of Ministry of Justice Pavel Petrenko, a complete renovation of the Public lustration committee is expected.

Informational reference

Anna Kalynchuk was born in the Lviv region. She received higher education at the National Ostrog Academy. Anna worked as a deputy of Tatiana Kozachenko for some time. Also, Anna Kalynchuk has an experience of working in the law firm.