A sunken ancient settlement was found at the bottom of the Baltic Sea. It was discovered by the archaeologists from Sweden. It is assumed that the settlement dates back to the Mesolithic. The scientists from the Lund University have found a lot of tools. The fishing nets were among them. On the basis of these findings, the archaeologists concluded that ancient people have been engaged in fishing. This was their main occupation. In addition to the nets, a pick was found on the sea floor. It is made from the horn of elk. The scientists theorize that its age is more than 9000 years.

These valuable findings have been discovered at a depth of 20 meters. Due to the reduction of the sea level, the archaeologists had the opportunity to investigate this area thoroughly.

The study of the Baltic seabed in the Gulf of Hana region began more than 6 years ago. But only now the searches were crowned by success. Swedish scientists are going to continue studying the sea floor.