Saturday morning. Everyone is in a race to do shopping for a week. There is no time for huge queues in the modern rapid rate of life, and it’s annoying yet. Is it possible to solve this problem? American developers have found a way out of this situation. Automated store, developed by the latest technologies offers convenience for its customers. Amazon Go in the USA is only one of its kind supermarket. Now there is no need to stand in long lines and at the registers, there are no exit delays that take away your time. Store of the future — would say a lot of people. Today it is an already improved supermarket.

But a year ago, this program failed. The system could not recognize to the end two different people with the same build. The sensor determined the goods incorrectly, which weren’t in its places. But since January this year modernized shop is able to welcome everyone. So, how is it going on?

When you enter the store, you need to attach a smartphone with an open Amazon annex to the special sensor. Further, there will be a monitoring of your actions and purchases. If you take any product from the counter, it will be immediately fixed in the annex, and its price will be displayed in the online shopping cart. If you change your mind, the system will deletes it from the list automatically. But having chosed a certain product, a buyer can put it anywhere — whether it’s a women’s handbag, or a pocket of trousers. The device accurately recognizes the entire range, even those, that is difficult to identify by the buyer. For example, apparently two drinks look the same, the system defines one drink with cream and another without. The purchase amount is deducted from your account. When you exit the store, a check is displayed on your device. The amount of purchases and checks are also displayed in the smartphone.

What is the secret of the work of unusual supermarket? The company doesn’t provide answer to this question. It is known only that the developers use the innovation «Just Walk Out», as well as surveillance cameras in the trading floor.

The only flaw is loss of job by hundreds people, because of the automated work of the store.