Well-known Ukrainian writer Alexander Oles, whose remains are currently located in the Czech Republic, will be reburied in the homeland.

In the Czech tomb of A.Oles is now buried Vladimir Mikhaylishin. This man took care of the burial place of the writer and paid rent. According to the laws of the Czech Republic, the fee for a place in the cemetery is 20 thousand crowns. It can be paid for 10 years.

After the death of the patron, his son decided to bury the father in the grave of Ukrainian cultural figure. Although according to the information of the official sources, V.Mikhaylishin had paid for himself another place in the cemetery.

The remains of Alexander Oles and his wife have already exhumed. And now they are in the depository.

Ukrainian government has promised to allocate the necessary funds for transfer bodies and the subsequent reburial in Ukraine. The writer’s relatives have given their consent to this procedure.

The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko has instructed to carry out all activities for the burial of the remains of A.Oles to Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Alexander Oles died in 1944, leaving behind a rich literary heritage.