It is not a secret that air pollution is one of the most important problems of humanity. According to the report of the World Health Organization, more than 92 % of the world population live in ecologically unfavorable regions. A level of air pollution exceeds all admissible norms.

The representatives of WHO emphasize that such ecological situation becomes a cause of various humans’ diseases. For example, stroke, lung cancer or cardiovascular disease.

The report is said that every tenth person on Earth dies because of air pollution. This is a catastrophic situation in the health sector.

According to the latest research (2012), air pollution has caused the death of over three million people.

The experts of World Health Organization have made their report on the basis of data obtained from the satellite and ground measurements. The most polluted regions on the planet are Southeast Asia, Western Pacific, and Eastern Mediterranean.

The specialists call upon all people to think how each person can influence the solution of this important problem. Our life, our children’s lives, health, and well-being depend on it.