Blue River Technology, which was recently purchased by John Deere, created robots that can dramatically change traditional farming

The revolution in the agrarian sector is promised by Jorge Gero, the founder of the company. He confidently stated that the robots will help solve the problem of lack of food resources, while not harming nature.

Such a statement is very encouraging, because in recent decades the ecological situation in the whole world has only worsened. Agriculture is increasingly not without harmful pesticides and fertilizers. Despite all the tricks, the prices for products are increasing.

Blue River Technology creates systems for spraying unnecessary weeds with trained agrobots. In addition, they perform the function of weeding and yield analysis using built-in algorithms. The developers did not stop there, and the main task of agrobots is to purify water in rivers and oceans. Actually, hence the name (Blue River Technology).

But while the company has concentrated on the development of a robot that can distinguish weed from the desired culture and destroy the first. This makes the robot with the help of an aim spraying herbicide. Agrochemistry is now very common, but also not cheap, as well as unsafe. Therefore, such a solution can significantly reduce costs and pollution of soil and air with poison.

The first robot company was See & Spray

He is able to distinguish the weed stems for 30 milliseconds and «decide» what the dose of the herbicide should be. 30 milliseconds — it’s about to do it faster than your eye blinks. This process needs preparation. To be able to distinguish plants, the robot must study millions of images of a particular plant. The shape of the leaves is also important at different stages of growth, and their texture, and the appearance when the plant is ill with various diseases.

A robot-farmer can give farmers the opportunity to be independent of the purchase of seeds and chemicals. Because so far the situation is such that every season farmers need to purchase lots of seeds, genetically modified, so that they can spray plants with active substances. Agrobot will help to reduce the amount of chemicals 10 times at least. And thus it will be possible to use usual seeds which cost or stand on 75% is cheaper!

In a couple of years, See & Spray will appear in the US markets. And about a year later — in Europe, — says Jorge Gero.

The next Blue River project is a multifunctional robot that will both water the plants and spray them, and fertilize, and do many other things.

Jorge Gero says that to date agribusiness is even more harmful to the environment than factories that continuously produce huge clouds of smoke into the atmosphere. With the help of robots it is possible to restore nature, or, at least, stop harming to such an extent.