Fear of air travel is familiar to many people. Only one part of the world’s population is successfully fighting the problem. And for the other half need for usage the airline services is a real challenge. Fear of flights is called aerophobia.

No arguments of the professionals do not act on those people who are afraid of getting on the plane. Although, the statistics says that it is easier to get into a car accident. The experts are sure that ground transportation is a hundred times more dangerous than air one. According to the World Health Organization, every year more than a million people die in the car accidents. As for air travel, this figure does not reach the thousands.

Rational arguments are still no effect on the position of aerophobe. According to the opinion poll of Boeing airline, almost a fifth part of the United States population is afraid of flying.

Causes of aerophobia

There are several causes of this obsessive-compulsive disorder. Some people are afraid of the crash an aircraft. Others feel uncomfortable in an enclosed space at a high altitude. In addition, in recent years a lot of attention is paid to the crash by mass media. Too impressionable people can’t force themselves to get on a plane after watching news about the crashed airliner.

Increasing of aerophobia cases was recorded in the United States of America after September 11, 2001. The day terrorists hijacked passenger planes and used them as weapons of mass destruction.

Methods of dealing with aerophobia

There are several ways to help cope with increasing alarm during air travel. You can turn on your favorite music and thus distract. Some people prefer to use alcohol or drugs to relieve tension. The doctors advise engaging in breathing exercises during the flight.

Sometimes the fear is caused by the lack of sufficient information. Read the literature. You will understand that air transport is one of the safest in the world.

In America, the common practice is to use the treatment aerophobia flight simulator. The meaning of such a therapy is that people are gradually getting used to airplanes and no longer be afraid of flying.

Celebrities have to use the services of airlines more often.

Who doesn’t like to fly?

David Beckham, legendary English football player.

Britney Spears, popular American singer.

Kate Winslet, British actress of theater and cinema.

Cher, the pop singer from the United States of America.

Jennifer Aniston, the famous American actress.

Enrique Iglesias, Spanish singer.

The prima donna of the Russian stage Alla Pugacheva has even bought her own railway carriage to avoid air traveling (in cases when it is possible).