Not only teenagers but also adults have problems with the skin. Acne is quite common among men and women. Of course, everyone wants to get rid of it. But to do this, you need to identify the causes of this problem.

Hormonal disorders

The cause of acne in adults may be a hormonal imbalance. Reducing or increasing the number of certain hormones often provoke acne on the face.

What to do: If the rash is associated with hormonal disorders, consult a doctor. He will give you a referral for tests to determine the cause of a hormonal surge. Next, the doctor will prescribe appropriate treatment.

Digestive problems

Eating certain foods can cause acne. For example, confectionery and bakery or too fatty food. The fact is that the skin performs an excretory function. Abuse of a certain food increases the amount of toxins in the body. They go through the skin, forming blackheads.

What to do: Monitor your diet. Limit eating of junk food.

Too oily skin

Overproduction of sebum increases the likelihood of the onset of rash. The pores become clogged, and as a consequence, acne is formed.

What to do: Use a cleanser for the face. Choose cosmetics according to the type of your skin. Take care of skin.

Other causes

Also, the cause of acne can be a variety of parasites. For example, subcutaneous mite. Its presence can be detected by passing the tests at the dermatologist. An experienced doctor will prescribe necessary treatment to get rid of parasites.

Sometimes, acne is the result of severe stress, nervous strain or hormonal drugs using. Do not forget about allergic reactions to foods, cosmetics, and household chemicals. To get rid of the rash caused by these factors, it is necessary to neutralize their power.