The Chinese company WPG planned a production of the newest battery. The capacity of this device will be equal to 5000 mAh. But the most important feature will be the fact that the accumulator can be fully charged in just a few minutes. This is a record of portable power banks.

To start the production, the developers need to gather 15 thousand dollars. Cash collecting takes place on  Jingdong platform. The users were so interested in the future device so that they have already donated to the battery manufacturer about 30 thousand dollars. Although the fundraising will last 11 more days.

It is assumed that the accumulator will be available in three colors: black, gold and silver. The cost of the new gadget will be equal to 25 US dollars.

Other developments

WPG company plans to produce the same quick battery of 1000 mAh and 10, 000 mAh capacity. The price of these devices will vary.