Health, well-being, as well as the appearance of a person, depend on the ability of the body to digest food. Often people with excess body weight explain all their problems by the slow metabolism. Is it really so? What influences the acceleration of metabolism? How can you help your body?

Eat often, but in small portions

This is a common advice of many nutritionists. Eat at least five times a day, but little by little. Overeating and gluttony significantly slow down metabolism. Do not forget to have breakfast. Also, do not go to sleep on an empty stomach. Long breaks in meals will cause a greater sense of hunger. As a result, the risk of overeating increases. Think about your diet so that it includes the maximum amount of nutrients. The food should be balanced and varied.

Add spicy food to your diet

Of course, sharp seasonings should be eaten in moderation. But, by adding a little acuity, you will significantly accelerate the metabolism. The substance contained in such products effectively burns fats.

Eat proper proteins

To accelerate the metabolism, consuming of the following products are perfect: chicken eggs, turkey meat, avocado, chickpeas, sardines, grapefruit. They contain protein, which allows you to satiate the body. At the same time, the composition of products does not include harmful fats.

Drink green tea and coffee

Moderate use of these drinks helps to accelerate metabolism. Green tea removes toxins from the body, and also promotes the fastest conversion of fat into energy. The substances contained in coffee stimulate metabolism. Do not deny yourself a cup of a fragrant drink, but know the measure.

Do not forget about physical activity

Sports activities and intensive physical exercises will have a beneficial effect on your well-being, and will also accelerate metabolism.