Almost all people sometimes have a desire to lose weight. But not everyone has enough willpower to go in for sports or be on a diet. The scientists from Bangkok (Thailand) helped such people. They have developed a special plate. It is able to absorb excess oil from the dishes that you eat. The invention is called Absorbplate. This device operates on the principle of the sponge. There are 500 small holes on the plate, which receive excess oil.

According to the developers, the new kitchen gadget is able to remove from the dishes up to 7 ml of oil. In other words, people have an opportunity to eat their favorite food and still lose weight. A benefit of this invention is colossal.

This device has become very popular among the Thai people. The problem of obesity in this country has turned more urgent.

Fans of a healthy diet consider Absorbplate to be a revolutionary invention. It gives an opportunity to withhold up to 150 calories of the dishes per day. Consequently, the person loses weight, without denying himself in his favorite food.