About blocking Internet resources in Ukraine

The government of Ukraine introduces an embargo in relation to Russian network resources, the population is in flap and people have a lot of questions about it. Absolutely categorical position of the Ukrainian citizens against such taboo, causes discrediting of the authorities, because of various ways of circumvention of the decree, but even the Ukrainian Parliament deputies condemned such «sanctions».

Most parliamentarians claim that the Ukrainians are the first who suffer. The answer is that the Internet resource «Vkontakte» is a platform for business. A lot of people who receive financial rewards from advertising in this network and having their first acts in this area lose their incomes, thus, people believe that such a sanctioning policy deprives them of cash assets and development.

Despite the large amount of money transferred to providers for the purchase of equipment for blocking, 90% of Ukrainians continue to visit Russian sites using VPN networks. Parliamentarians, contrary to the ban, continue to update their pages in Vkontakte. We can be sure that previously unknown virtual VPN services now have a huge demand and profit.

A new rumor about the monetary punishments for «disobedience» led to a wave of outrage and protest. As it was known, the president introduced an addition to the law, applying fines of 1000 to 4000 UAH in the case when it will see the using of VPN servers and other ways of ignoring state instructions. Who and how will track the otherworld traffic remains unclear. And why the state operates with such large amounts of fines is also a question.

The news about the fines spread on the Internet and even on the television immediately. But on the basis of the flow of Ukrainians, who visit the blocked sites in the same amount, it did not stop anyone.

Then a lot of media sources denied this news, as well as the deputies surprised by it. Who was slip a duck to our people remains a mystery, but they frighten them.

After this news, the employees of the Ukrainian Parliament immediately began distributing posts in Facebook about the fact that no punishments are provided for non-compliance with the law. The question remains, why does this law exist?

Now we know what VPN services are and how they work, it should be noted that these services are a new way of making money in Ukraine. Whether this had any influence on the adoption of the law, we have not been investigated, and there is no data on this theory.

The last hope for the abolition of such a ban is the petition of indignant Ukrainians for the neutrality of technical Internet platforms. If the head of state does revoke his decree, ordinary Ukrainians and businessmen will find it easier to live. It will open access to social sites and to updates of necessary programs, for example, such as 1C, because almost all the work of public services and private business depends on the work of this program. They banned but alternatives, unfortunately, did not appear. Maybe the solution is an alternative?