Immunity to anthrax of one of the DPRK soldiers may indicate the development of the country’s biological weapons

A defector from the DPRK has antibodies to the infection in his blood. This was stated by the authorities of South Korea. Most likely, this is the result of a special vaccination.
One of the officials of South Korea said that they fear that the DPRK is developing biological weapons based on samples of pathogens of this disease. And the Ministry of Defense of South Korea reported that it is planned to complete work on the vaccine against anthrax only by 2019.

Pyongyang has long been suspected of developing biological weapons. The DPRK may be stuffing warheads of ballistic missiles with agents of deadly diseases — anthrax and smallpox. The Washington Post, referring to the intelligence community in December, reported this.
Of course, North Korea, of course, denies such information, accusing the US of lying.

On December 22, the UN Council unanimously voted in favor of a resolution on strengthening sanctions against the North Korean regime. In response to the development and testing of nuclear weapons of the DPRK. Since the beginning of 2018, oil supplies have declined fourfold. North Korea prohibits the import of agricultural products, electrical appliances, food, land. And also: stone, iron, steel, other metals, wood, industrial equipment, vehicles.

In the past year, the crisis of the conflict between the DPRK and the United States with South Korea, has grown into a global scale. The latest rocket tests of North Korea prove the possibility of confronting the US with carriers capable of reaching the continental part of the states. Trump declared North Korea one of his main opponents. Such a statement did not remain without support. So a nuclear war is possible, as both countries, according to the media, can boast considerable resources in this area.