Artificial intelligence accessible to everyone

The main task of all research on artificial intelligence lies in the collaboration of man and machine. A couple of years ago, it seemed impossible and even frightening. But mankind always sought to learn new and new unexplored possibilities of the human mind. The company Microsoft, assures that artificial intelligence in a few years will be quite common. It will be accessible to everyone. Now the researchers are actively working on improving the already obtained results in this area.

What new opportunities will open before us as a result of artificial intelligence

We are on the threshold of unknown discoveries, a new computer era, where computers will perform not just computing functions but will be trained and improved with every second. And this is fascinating
It will be introduced, of course, in all spheres of our life and will greatly simplify the everyday routine for mankind. You can apply artificial intelligence in so-called agent programs, such as personal-digital assistants Cortana and Siri. This will help fundamentally change the principle of human interaction with the computer.

In the global plans, Microsoft is creating a powerful computer. It will have artificial intelligence based on the Azure cloud platform. The plans are to provide access to such a computer absolutely for every person and all organizations.
Thanks to computer processing power of cloud technologies, a lot of significantly improved algorithms and access to a myriad of data, in the field of artificial intelligence development, there was a real leap. Scientists have the opportunity to create such technologies, which most could only fantasize about.
And already today, thanks to the ability to thoroughly and deeply teach the machine, computers can already recognize human speech. Thus it turns out that earlier a person tried to understand a computer machine, and now the computer is trained to understand a person.

Humanoid robots ems

Such computer machines are called ems, humanoid robots. This name they received from the English word emulate, that in translation imitation, ie simulate the functions of another object.It imitates the person. There is an opinion that it will be possible even to generate, combine several or even dozens of people and all this will be one Em, one computer machine that will look like a person and include all the best qualities of people’s intellect. Such ems can be an exact copy of one person, in appearance and in intelligence.