The Dukane diet.

It should be noted that the Dukan diet is a nutrition system or a multi-level weight loss program. The basis of the diet is the consumption of protein foods: fish, meat, etc., and minimizing carbohydrates. Products that do not contain carbohydrates, which contain many proteins, help to get rid of hunger, while not loading the stomach. The initial version of the diet provides the first phase of weight loss for up to seven days, otherwise such a sharp and prolonged transition to other foods can trigger stomach diseases. The Dukane diet can last for several months. The main components of the diet are the general rules, such as the daily saturation of the body, water, a minimum of one and a half liters. Water must be cleaned, without minerals and gases. Every day one should eat oat bran and its amount can vary depending on the phases of the diet. Daily to do gymnastics and practice walking on the open air.

Dukane diet is a landmark. The initial one is an attack.

In the first phase, you need to look at your well-being and know that with an overweight of up to twenty kilos, the «attack» lasts 3-5 days. 20-30 kg is equal to 5-7 days. More than 30 kg are equal from five to ten days. It should be noted that it is impossible to adhere to this phase for more than 10 days because this can lead to undesirable results.

The required list of products: 1) one and a half tablespoon of bran oatmeal; 2) one and a half liters of water; 3) beef, veal and pork meat without fat; 4) kidney and liver calf; 5) without skin chicken and turkey; 6) veal and beef tongues; 7) marine products, as well as fish; 8) eggs; 9) fat-free dairy products; 10) onion and garlic; 11) ham without fat; 12) vinegar, seasonings, salt and spices at will.
It is forbidden: 1) sugar; 2) goose meat; 3) ducklings; 4) rabbit; 5) pork.

The second phase is alternation.

The name speaks for itself and after all it is a phase of alternation of proteins with proteins and vegetables. With excess weight less than ten kilograms, the duration of one stage can be changed. For example, three days should consume only proteins, and then for three days should eat exclusively protein and vegetable foods, five and five, respectively. If the unnecessary weight is more than ten kilograms, then alternate only five days to five, respectively.

The duration of the second stage varies from the amount of weight lost in the first stage. If the first phase took 4 kg, then the second must last 40 days, if 4.5 kg, then 45 respectively. The diet remains the same as in the first phase for the protein phase. For the second stage, «proteins with vegetables,» the same ingredients are used with the following vegetables that do not contain starch. With tomato, cucumber, green beans, spinach, radish, cabbage, asparagus, eggplant, celery, mushrooms, zucchini, pepper, beets and carrots. You can cook vegetables, bake, cook steamed or eat raw.

A mandatory condition for this phase is the 2 table. L. Bran from oatmeal and 1.5 liters of still water and without minerals. Ration: thirty grams of cheese with a fat content of less than 6%; 1 tea spoon of cocoa; 1 tablespoon of starch; 1 tea spoon of cream; milk; gelatin; garlic; ketchup; adzhika; Vegetable oil (not more than half tea); gherkins; 2 slices of bread; 50 g. Of red or white wine, fruit (cherry, grape and strawberry excluded).

It is worth considering that products supplementing the first phase are forbidden to combine among themselves, their use is reduced to a minimum, namely two products per day, but products from the diet of «attack» still mix. In the second phase it is forbidden to eat rice; Grain products; Lentils; avocado; peas; Bean fruits; pasta; Potatoes; Corn; Beans.

The third phase is fixing.

In this phase, there is a balancing of the human weight. The days in which you must adhere to this phase are determined, as in the second, that is, 1kg of weight, which you lost — 10 days of dietary restrictions. A prerequisite is to eat once a week on the diet of the first phase. The diet consists of a habit to eat daily 2,5 tablespoon bran from oatmeal and 1.5 liters of still water without minerals. You can also eat all the products of the first phase and vegetables the second. It’s necessary introduce into the food rice products, peas, beans, corn, pasta, etc. starch-containing ingredients for two times per week. Also it’s necessary eat harmful foods instead of eating two times for a week, for example, instead of breakfast or dinner.

The fourth phase is stabilization.

This diet needs to be adhered to throughout your life, that is, proper nutrition should become an integral part of your life. The Dukane diet consists of 1.5 liters of still water, minerals and three tablespoons of oat bran every day, the constant introduction of protein foods, cheese, vegetables, fruits, 2 slices of bread and 2 starchy foods. Also 1 day for a week it is necessary to carry out a food on a ration of 1-st phase.