The Cold War can happen again.

This statement did not leave anyone indifferent. The US Pentagon put forward the assumption of the possibility of confronting several powers in the sphere of military weapons. The head of this institution Jim Mattis said that the world’s greatest powers are ready to begin to compete among themselves at the expense of military attacks. These powers are the United States, China and Russia. As you know, China is the greatest threat to security around the world. Russia and the United States have a huge amount of military equipment, as well as nuclear weapons. The Cold War could begin very soon.

It is also worth noting that more recently, the two countries have begun serious preparation and modernization of the military sphere, and Russia and China have begun to fully activate military means. This statement once again underscores the possibility that the Cold War is not a miscarriage.

The US, in turn, expresses its opinion that the peace is the most important thing in our time and no one wants a repeat of the events of 1945-1991.

It was at this time in the world that the Cold War took place in the countries of the world. This huge mistake cost not only a huge amount of money spent, but also human lives. At that time, Japan and some European countries were completely destroyed. History has already shown once that the Cold War does not solve any issue, but only destroys the integrity of the world.

Russia in turn stated that they are compelled to prepare for such attacks because of the aggressive US policy. Russia sees a threat from the US due to the recent installation of anti-missile defense near the borders of the Russian Federation.

Despite everything, Jim Mattis did not comment on this statement from Russia. Moreover, he concealed the fact that the United States also increases the amount of military equipment and improves the army.

In this regard, a tense situation prevails in the world.

The most powerful powers can destroy many countries. Also it is a huge threat for the lives of people who do not want the cold war to cause death. The opinion that everything can change for the better also does not remain behind the scenes. After all, in the world of civilized and democratic countries, the need to solve problems peacefully is a priority.