How the universe appears?

Space at all times attracted people with its mystery and limitlessness. Astrologers for many years tried to study the process of the universe creating, planets and stars as much as possible. For many scientists, the cosmos remained a mystery, which they tried to unravel all their lives. The study of this issue will closely help answer many questions about the origin of mankind. And just recently the learned managed to find out how the universe appears.

Switzerland came up with the solution of the universe.

Scientists from the Swiss university, which is in the Zurich city, were able to recreate the system of creation and further development of the universe. This process proved to be quite time consuming. Work on this issue took 80 hours. Also, without the use of powerful technology, namely a supercomputer, it would be impossible to create a simulation of the universe so accurately and realistically. This supercomputer is the latest development of Swiss scientists, and it occupies one of the first places in the world ranking of powerful and energy-saving computers. Also the supercomputer Piz Daint retains the status of the most powerful computer in Europe. Data quality of the electronic computer allows you to perform operations of any complexity.

It should be noted that this discovery will help scientists in the development of studies of space structures of large-scale sizes, which will help humanity to step closer to the sky. Also, this artificially generated universe will give some answers to the question of the distribution of dark matter, which also has not unimportant significance for the current generation of scientists in the field of space research.

The universe is impressive in size.

To know how the universe appears and how it develops, researchers needed to create twenty-five billion galaxies. The data of the galaxy formed due to the creation of digital particles, the number of which is two trillion units. These particles have a special function and represent certain elements of a dark substance.

These elements were endowed with gravitational properties, which acted for the accumulation of particles. When the particles joined together, they formed a halo. According to the latest research data in the cosmological field, the concept of halo implies certain nodes under which ordinary matter is attracted. Thus, this process is the creation of galaxies.

In the basis of Piz Daint, scientists put a special code, namely PKDGRAV 3. Thanks to this code, it became possible to describe in detail the dynamics of dark matter, which in turn depend on the full-scale structures of the universe.

The answer to the question as to how the universe appears can become an important moment for the optimization of the Euclid satellite. This satellite is needed to observe a huge number of galaxies. Studies of dark matter continue. And the next goal of the researchers is to study the distortion of light. This phenomenon occurs due to gravity of dark matter. The study of this process will help to consider the process of distribution of dark matter in more detail.