The bullying of animals.

In our world, people who want to be unique in their field of activity, try to create the most interesting and luring advertising of their business. Typically, it is created through offline and online advertising. But sometimes there are cases when the owners, any entertainment establishments, try to bring a special and unique chip into the interior. Recently, the design has entered the design of various institutions using animals. This is a fairly common practice in Europe. In many cafes and restaurants you can come with your pets. Some establishments already have animals, such as cats, that help visitors relax and get a charge of positive emotions. But in connection with this fashion, it is spreading bullying of animals.

The owners of institutions use animals as advertising.

Fashion quickly goes away and in connection with this you need to create something new. Animals, as a rule, very attract visitors to establishments and, accordingly, increase profit from trade. But still the main privilege of any institution is uniqueness. When cats and dogs in restaurants already practiced earlier, people attract new animals into their business.

In some large shopping centers, huge aquariums with rare and beautiful fish are installed, sometimes they even manage to store predatory fish into the aquarium, which attract more people. In principle, when creating the most comfortable conditions, fish can live in an artificially created habitat. Therefore, this fact is not considered as the bullying of animals.

But there are times when owners of entertainment complexes overstep the stick.

In order to make the establishment as popular as possible, some owners use predatory animals, which in principle are not adapted to artificially created living conditions. Such animals are wild animals, which can’t be tamed. Also, the maintenance of wild animals in an institution without specially equipped conditions is unsafe for people’s lives.

Quite recently in the very center of Moscow a lion was found, which was kept in a cage in the center of the hookah. This case caused a storm of indignation on the part of animal advocates. Also, this behavior of the owners of the institution was aroused by the interest of the prosecutors, who will study this issue in detail. Most likely, the lion will be redirected to the zoo, and the offenders will be punished. Activists hope that in this example, people will stop involving wild animals in their business and mockery of animals will finally stop.

Also it should be noted that it was thanks to the indifferent people that the lioness managed to be saved. According to official data, the resident of the apartment, which is located next to the hookah, constantly heard a loud roar of the animal. She also appealed to the police in order to stop the bullying of animals. Law enforcement officers are grateful for the timely response, which helped save the animal’s life, and also to protect the visitors of the establishment.