Klitschko may be imprisoned.

As it is known the anti-corruption department is operating in full force in Ukraine. The task of this department is to monitor the circulation of money, as well as a property of Ukrainian officials. This practice shows that a number of corruption schemes have been prevented. In this regard, some parliamentarians could not cash in other people’s money. And more recently, this bureau has spread information that Klitschko may be imprisoned.

A short digression into the history.

Vladimir Klitschko came to politics after a successful career in sports. He is a multiple champion and titled boxer, which was the reason for his fame in many countries of the world, especially in Germany. Fans of the famous boxer in the whole world is getting bigger and bigger. Thanks to the successes in the sport, Vladimir was able to purchase a sufficient number of apartments in different cities around the world. The authority of Vladimir Klitschko as a boxer is undeniable and in this regard, many people are confident in the pure and sincere intentions of the boxer in politics.

A boxer Vladimir Klitschko retrained as a politician of the Ukrainian parliament several years ago. Thanks to his connections and respect in various spheres of activity, his candidacy was appointed to the post of the mayor of the capital of Ukraine. For several years, now a politician, Vladimir tried to do everything possible to create comfortable living conditions for the people of Kiev. In this regard, he received the recognition of society as a politician.

But more recently a terrible situation has occurred.

Thanks to the investigation of the journalists of the Schemes program, it became known about several estates not listed in the electronic declaration of the policy. These estates are in Los Angeles, as well as in Hamburg, and are used by the family of Vladimir Klitschko. In 2016, there was an official appeal of activists to the NABU. In this statement, a request was made to institute criminal proceedings against the politician. But at that time, state employees did not pay attention to the hidden possessions of the mayor of Kiev. After this, the lawyers of the social organization applied to the court. But the result was obtained only when appealing to the Court of Appeal, which called on the NABU to begin the investigation.

These hidden estates can cost the policy at best a huge fine. In the case of additional information not in favor of the mayor, there is another punishment. Klitschko may be imprisoned for two years. In connection with this, there are serious proceedings are now under way involving the involvement of experienced lawyers.

Also during these events, it became known about another criminal case, in which the head of the capital figured. It is related to the murder of one of the employees of the recreation complex, which is located in the Kiev region. This complex is also owned by Vladimir Klitschko.
The further fate of the mayor at the moment depends on the progress of the investigation. Also, many fans claim that Klitschko can be imprisoned for no good reason. There is a hope that this situation will be resolved in a short time, and everything will be fine.