Threats of acts of terrorism do not give rest to Germany.

As it’s known there is a tradition to hold music festivals in Germany. One of these festivals was organized on the third of June. Rock am Ring is the largest festival for fans of rock music. This festival is held annually in the country and before there were no incidents during the festival. Meanwhile, this year the threats of acts of terrorism has become one of the main problems for the population of Germany. And this trouble touched the cultural event.

According to the head of the German Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution, the country for several years is a target for terrorists from various groups. The most widespread such grouping on the territory of Germany is Salafism. This direction pursues the aims of the Islamic terrorist group and carries out its illegal actions on the territory of the country. Also, the calm of the inhabitants of Germany is constantly under threat. Cause of the attacks of the radical terrorist group Al Qaeda. Participants in this movement commit terrorist acts primarily in order not to lose their reputation, and to remain in competition with other factions. It is worth noting the fact that in 2016 in Germany there were five terrorist attacks. Also, according to official data, seven terrorist acts were prevented.

Such a dangerous situation in Germany did not stop fans of the music festival.

A huge number of people from different countries came to Germany during the festival for enjoying their favorite music. But, unfortunately, the terrorists’ actions not only endangered people’s lives, but also stopped the festival.

According to the police, there were speculations that it was during this scale of action that a terrorist attack could take place. That’s exactly what happened. After the announcement of the threat of the terrorist attack, the festival was terminated. The police asked people to leave the territory for examination by specialists. In connection with this development of events, in just a few days it was possible to detain two people who could commit an act of terrorism. These people were two workers of the rock festival. Their job was to organize and hold the event. According to official data, one of the suspects is an adherent of the Salafist movement and even belongs to its ranks.

At the moment, the police are in no hurry to disclose all details of the detention of suspects. It’s in order to avoid attempts to commit terrorist acts by their like-minded people. More information is still unknown, as well as about the fate of the rock festival. Fans of the festival understand the need for such radical measures, and thank the German government for its prompt work.

The population of the country hopes that the followers of terrorist movements will leave people alone and allow them to live in the former country without the threats of acts of terrorism. In connection with this situation in Germany still remains dangerously located. The police ask residents to be more vigilant and report all possible attempts to commit terrorist acts. For cooperation with the police, the residents are promised gratitude and rewards.