Residents die from an overdose of drugs in the European Union.

The European Union Parliament is sounding the alarm cause of huge number of people are dying from the action of illegal drugs it is overdose of drugs. Drug trafficking is common throughout the world and in some countries it is legal. This affects the entire population of the planet. Young people die because of overdoses with very strong drugs. This misfortune has affected not only the underdeveloped countries, but also the entire population of the European Union.

The statistics are surprising.

More recently, statistics have been published that point to the fact that the number of deaths from overdose of drugs in Europe increases three-fold year by year. Such statistics was conducted by an authoritative center for monitoring deaths due to harmful addiction to lethal substances. The center itself is located in Lisbon and for the third consecutive year has been studying the causes of deaths of people who were addicted to drugs.

Scientists are thrilled with such a rapid increase in deaths.

According to their research in 2015, the ranks of the deceased due to a drug overdose have been replenished by almost nine thousand people. And this figure is six percent higher than the number of deaths for 2014. It is also worth noting that Germany, as well as Great Britain, became the leaders among the countries of the European Union that were affected by drugs.

The fall in drug prices contributes to mortality.

According to some reports, it was known that the prices of potent drugs declined markedly. In this regard, the composition of the substance itself began to add pure mixtures, without any artificial additives. The renewed composition has a strong influence on the human body. Scientists say that drugs, the price of which has fallen, have become heroin and opiates. And immediately after this decline in value, Europe was covered by another wave of deaths due to an overdose of drugs listed above. This wave accounted for 80% of the total overdose. The greater part, namely 78% of the total number of deaths is represented by the male part of the population.

According to official data from a survey of the monitoring center it became known that one-quarter of the population of the European Union tried the prohibited substances at different ages. To be more precise, almost 93 million people living in the EU in the period from 15 to 65 years, at least once, but were addicted to drugs.

Both for the European Union and for the United States, the most dangerous drugs, which in most cases lead to overdoses, and then to death are opiates with the addition of synthetic substances. Such prohibited preparations repeat the effect of the action on morphine and heroin.

Almost every citizen of the European Union has used potent drugs in his life. And according to some reports, every EU citizen uses light drugs every day or once a week. But an overdose of drugs remains the main problem of the European Union at the moment. In this regard, the government is going to take tough measures in the near future. But everything also depends on the people themselves. It is necessary to understand all the consequences of such a game with your life.