The social network Vkontakte has moved to a new level.

This news instantly spread all over Russia through Internet advertising. Such a statement was made by Vladislav Valfson who is a commercial director of the well-known mobile network «Megafon». According to the presentation of the new project in London, it became clear that now active users of social networks can continue to communicate. If it will be problems with the site. This strategy is a joint project of the mobile network Megafon and the social network Vkontakte.

Operator Megafon introduced a new tariff.

According to official data on July 15, the new and unique VK Mobile tariff will be distributed throughout Russia. The first information about the innovation was provided in one of the communities of the social network. It was reported about all the features of the tariff. And about the possibilities of acquiring a special SIM card supporting such a service in it. According to the creators of the new virtual operator, this strategy is aimed at the evolution and adaptation to the constantly evolving world of technologies, as well as digital space.

The first official presentation of this tariff to the public will take place in St. Petersburg, where festivals are held from the social network Vkontakte.

It is on this VK-fest that the creators and publicize their achievements in the development of the mobile world. One of the main and attractive for a regular user of the social network is the built-in tariff function of automatic subscription to music services. Also one of the tempting offers in the new tariff is the possibility of a refund of money. Money which spent on the purchase and connection of the so-called virtual operator.

It should also be noted that all the changes and decisions on the project, MegaFon takes together with the social network Vkontakte. VK provides a special service for which it has its own copyright and which can’t be changed without the participation of representatives of the company of the most popular social network.

Speaking about the price policy of the new tariff, it can be argued that it is quite acceptable for the average Russian.

In a month for services you will have to pay 400 rubles. But these services include unlimited Internet through social network application. As well as unlimited time for calls to other users of this tariff. Also, the operator provides an additional amount of traffic in 2 GB for the use of other sites and the transition to links that do not relate to the social network.

The negative quality of this tariff is the absence of additional minutes for other mobile operators. But meanwhile a fixed price per minute calls is at a rate of 1.60 rubles throughout Russia. Also, the operator is obliged to return up to half the cost. It consist acost from the purchase of various additional functions in the application, these can be stickers and gifts. In this connection, the tariff is a rather interesting offer for active users by the Vkontakte network. And it pleases with the price policy adjusted for ordinary citizens of the country.