The novelty as an operating system from Apple.

Most recently there was held a conference called WWDC for 2017 in the US in the California administrative district in San Jose at which Apple introduced the next generation operating system, as well as a new gadget, namely the iPad.

The new gadget from Apple.

The CEO of Apple introduced the world a new modernized computer tablet. The tablet belongs to the model Pro, has a screen with a resolution of 10.5 inches. Also a pleasant surprise is the amount of memory. The memory of this tablet is from 64 gigabytes and reaches 512 gigabytes. The price for such a plan will be about $ 649, which is also surprising. But as you know all the technology of the famous company is distinguished by its special style and design, also the main advantage of Apple is impeccable quality, for which it is not a pity to give such money.

The developers of iPad from Apple also announced new features of the display of their invention. This gadget will be equipped with a display, the frequency of updates of which will be 120 Hz. A very convenient innovation is presented in the form of an anti-reflective coating on the display, which, undoubtedly, will please the buyers of this gadget, who spend all their time on the street, with high illumination. Also, the camera will be built into the tablet, which is absolutely identical to the camera model built into the iPhone 7.

After introducing the new iPad model, the company’s CEO immediately introduced a new operating system from Apple.

The new iOS11 features a special functionality and convenient use. For example, all applications on the main screen will be allocated according to categories. Applications will look like islands, when you click on which you can see their increased version.

Also one of the innovations is an improved function for making money transfers through Apple Pay. The next new feature is the Do Not Disturb option. This function is designed specifically for people who spend most of their time on the road. The main purpose of this option is to exclude possible accidents caused by the driver’s conversation on the phone.

Also, the new operating system is equipped with multi-tasking capabilities. It consists in the updated Dock, which the user can configure manually. This panel contains frequently used applications and documents, access to which can be obtained from any screen. Also, this application allows you to navigate through several active applications in both Split View and Split Over.

The new sound of Siri’s assistant can give pleasure for a while fans of the Apple brand. The company has improved the girl’s voice, which now looks more like a real assistant, which will now offer owners of the gadget with OS11 operating system information based on the history of Messages, Mail, Safari, News.
By the way, now you can more conveniently download the necessary applications, because the Apple Store is equipped with articles from authors and editors, which will facilitate the search and selection of the application.