Self-realization for men and women is a different concept.

In today’s world, men and women have their own goals, which they persistently seek. Many people think that in fact their desires are the same: career, family and travel. Everyone wants to be successful and happy. But actually it is not. As you know, men and women are absolutely different from each other. And self-realization for everyone is different.

As you know, a man by nature is an earner.

For a man, self-realization consists in building a career, striving to receive a lot of money and learn new skills. A man wants to be recognized in society and get the public status of a successful and wise person. For a man the pride is to provide all possible conditions for the comfortable life of his family. As a rule, children of successful men receive a quality education, the wives of such men can afford expensive clothes and trips to beauty salons, and the house of the sold man is in the most prestigious district of the city. It is in this provision that a man manifests his love. There is always a competition in men’s life. A man seeks to finish all projects, to succeed at negotiations, to conclude expensive contracts. Such a man seeks to show his skills to others in the realization of goals.

Self-realization for a woman is a family.

A woman strives to create mutual understanding in the family, to provide her husband and children with care and love. Mostly this manifests itself in an infinite faith in his man, supporting him in all situations and making his mistakes. Children of a successful woman are always happy in their home. A woman strives to cook the most delicious dish for her children and put them on the best clothes.

There is no competition at all for the average woman. Such a woman strives to build relationships with all around, surround them with warmth and fill with her positive mood. For a woman, the main thing is the comfort in the house and a good relationship with others, rather than career and success at work. Such a woman first of all wants to look well-groomed and beautiful, thus admiring other people with her beauty.

Also for a woman success is in the achievements of her husband and children. After all, it was she who helped them to achieve their goals, supported them in difficult situations and tried to help them with wise advice, to charge positive. She believes in the success of her husband and her children, which means that he is inevitable.

For a woman, personal qualities always remain in the first place. Such a woman is confident that she should be able to give a wise advice, support a conversation, be able to empathize with other people, be merciful and vulnerable.

It is for these reasons that women always try to develop in the spiritual plan, and not in the professional. This is the main difference between a man and a woman. Self-realization for everyone is represented in the form of different achievements. For a woman, self-realization is harmony in oneself, for a man it’s a competition and an opportunity to move up the career ladder. Be that as it may, men and women are completely different, but it is because of this that we exist with each other, complement each other and unravel the mysterious world of each other.