More recently, the news about the crash of a police helicopter shocked the Turkish population.

As it was known earlier, on April 18 the helicopter Sikorsky S-70 Black Hawk crashed in the eastern province Tunceli of Turkey. To be more precise, at a height of 2500m in the mountainous terrain, the pilot lost control of the helicopter. According to local media, the helicopter crashed in the interval between 11.31 — 12.00. After all, it was at 11.31 that the helicopter disappeared from the radar and did not go on communications anymore. Nobody expected the wreck of the crash of a police helicopter.

12 passengers were on board during the crash of a police helicopter.

These people were a judge, a serviceman, crew members of three people, as well as law enforcement officers, they had 7 people on board. According to some information, all the above-mentioned passengers were on duty on the day of the referendum on April 16. The Turkish government claims that they all had to be in charge of the district electoral commission. According to the Governor’s Administration, the accident occurred 10 minutes after the helicopter took off from the provincial administrative center.

This helicopter belonged to the Turkish General Directorate of Security.

When the helicopter did not communicate for a long time, the Emergency Ministry of Turkey immediately sent rescuers and servicemen to the rescue. At the same time, the rescue service received a call from the injured crew member asking for help. According to preliminary data, 7 people died in the accident. Upon the arrival of the rescue service, the search began. Just a couple of days ago, the official source confirmed the information about the death of all passengers. Unfortunately, all passengers died from injuries. 12 people died in the accident according to official data.

The cause of the accident is currently unknown.

The Head of Government asserts that on that day there were very bad weather conditions, it was raining heavily, and it was a wind. The main cause of the disaster is a very dense fog. Why the pilot did not postpone the trip in connection with this situation also remains unknown.

As you know, the Sikorsky S-70 Black Hawk American-made helicopter is a multipurpose air-vehicle. Also, most of these helicopters are in service with the United States Army. Also from the history of accidents associated with this helicopter, most of the accidents occurred precisely because of weather conditions, or at night. The technical characteristics of this helicopter comply with all standards, because in the first place this helicopter was designed to transport military and recumbent patients.
Official sources say that Turkey and the United States have signed a license agreement with the Turkish side to assemble the 109 S-70i (T-70) helicopters.

The Government of Turkey expresses its sincere condolences to all the relatives of the victims. The investigation into the crash of a police helicopter is still ongoing. All the information on the results will be submitted to the media immediately after the end of the examinations.
The governor of the province took control of the whole process of the investigation and promises that nothing will disappear from the investigation and all information will be reliable.