Work in Poland is the only way for many Ukrainians.

Since 2014, when the Ukrainian hryvnia began to fall sharply, most Ukrainians decided to find work outside their homeland. A large flow of the population of Ukraine moved to a neighboring European country. Poland at the moment is a place of earnings and living more than a million Ukrainian migrants, and their number is constantly increasing. Is work in Poland such a tasty morsel for Ukrainians?

Is everything as good as employers describe?

This question is asked by many people throughout Ukraine. After all, almost every Ukrainian has friends or acquaintances who went to work in Poland. Some talk about the excellent conditions and respect for the emigrants. The second part of the Ukrainian workers is not delayed in Poland more than a year. They talk about a bad attitude, disgusting hostels and hard work. Such a hostile attitude towards Ukrainian citizens began in 2015, when the decree «Law and Justice» was issued in Poland. According to a survey of the Polish population it became clear that Ukrainians are not happy in a foreign country and their salaries will never increase to European payments. But Ukrainians do not stop this, a large number of people with higher education continue to work in tiring jobs that do not require qualification.

How work in Poland is sold at everywhere.

As a rule, work can be found at visa centers. For example, in Kiev, there are a considerable number of trucks that sell jobs to Poland near the visa center. They fill out questionnaires and offer paid insurance, or simply offer to buy a seat in the queue at the visa center. The most expensive proposal is an invitation to work in Poland. This service costs 1500 hryvnia. But it will provide a 100% device to work in Poland.
As reported by Sofia Useynova from the Nasz Wybór Foundation, a deceit with the large influx of Ukrainian workers began to spread in order to obtain other people’s financial means. This scheme is as follows, people from Ukraine offer fictional jobs. Mediators receive money and then instead of the promised high-paying work, Ukrainians are forced to engage in low-paid, unskilled labor.

Also, different political views incite hatred among the Poles towards Ukrainians. As is known in Ukraine, the image of Stepan Bandera is idealized, while the Poles know this historical figure as the leader of the massacres and mockery of Poles by Ukrainians in Volhynia, which took place in 1943-1944.

The immediate government of Poland at the moment is trying not to stir up anti-Ukrainian sentiments. But at the same time, parliamentarians do not try to solve the issue of xenophobia towards Ukrainians, but on the contrary do not pay attention to it.

And it is this indifference from the part to the aggressive behavior of the Poles towards Ukrainians that gives rise to complete impunity, and hatred continues to flourish.

So is it worth working in Poland for such nerves, as well as separation from relatives. After all, as you know the grass is green on the other side of the fence.