Toughening a visa-free regime on the part of the United States.

More recently, Europe has introduced a visa-free regime for Ukraine. To be precise, the official source of the European Union on May 22 announced the news about the introduction of visa-free control for Ukrainian citizens. But in order to go abroad, lists of necessary documents were submitted. These documents included various invitations from companies and educational institutions that are located on the territory of the European Union. But just a few days ago there was a toughening a visa-free regime.

The administration of the US President, Donald Trump, published a list of additional information that the Ukrainian should provide to cross the border with America.

Recently, lists of additional documents for visa-free border crossing with the United States were approved. The first thing that a customs request is the list of numbers of previous foreign passports. According to reliable sources, this information is not required. But if there are any questions from the United States to the applicants, the latter will be required to provide this list.

Also, when traveling to America, you need to bring along a list of email addresses, mobile phone numbers and data from social networks for the past 5 years. This decision has suffered the biggest wave of criticism, as the need for such measures is not entirely clear. But again, it is not necessary. But if the American side has doubts about a certain citizen of Ukraine. In this case it will have to either recall all the data or return to their homeland.

On May 23, improved questionnaires were submitted, the filling of which is mandatory for all guests of the country.

But immediately, after the adoption of the document, criticism and outrage on the part of officials from the sphere of education followed. In their opinion, the questions indicated in the questionnaire are too burdensome. And filling og these questions and subsequent processing will only prolong the process of crossing the border. Ultimately, toughening a visa-free regime can lead to a decrease in the flow of Ukrainian students to US universities. Also it hinders the flow of scientists and scientists.

With detailed verification, US customs officials can request biographical data. This information includes all residential addresses, places of previous work, as well as the entire travel history.

The official chairman of the State Department said that these fields in the questionnaire are not mandatory. Their introduction contributes to the preservation of national security in cases of border crossing by suspicious persons.

This toughening of the visa-free regime will be applied mainly to those citizens who, in the need to obtain an American visa, indicate the danger of terrorist threats. This is due to the fact that other factors having a negative impact on the national security of the United States.

It remains only to hope that this information is not really necessary. But still, it is necessary to prepare it just in case, in order to avoid any embarrassment at the customs and in order to shorten your time on the trip.