Brad Pitt refused of his own and adopted children.

Last year the stellar audience was surprised by the news about the divorce of the most beautiful and enviable pair of Hollywood. On September 20, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt unexpectedly for the whole world decided to divorce. For fans of famous movie actors this statement has become shocking. Many were very worried about the star pair. The fans were spreading in social networks letters asking them to make up actors and not injure their six children.

But meanwhile the stars remained at their opinion.

There were rumors that, even after the divorce, Angelina and Brad often met, someone even suggested that the pair is together again, but they don’t want to re-tighten themselves with family ties. To which the culprits themselves are gossiped. They answered that they are connected by children and despite their personal relationships they should remain good parents and an excellent example for their children.

But something went wrong. And more recently the couple began to openly fight each other. First, the stars tried to expose each other to blame for the press, there were rumors about the betrayal of one of the star partners. After Brad Pitt said that Jolie is inauspicious mother who does not know how to educate her own children. According to the actor, Angelina indulging her children everywhere and in all, everything buys and everything allows them. Brad Pitt was outraged by such permissiveness, unacceptable for children. According to some sources, this was the reason for their constant quarrels, and the subsequently divorce.

To which Jolie reacted extremely negatively, and this whole thing came to court.

The actress filed an application to the court in which she requests that she be given sole custody of all her children. According to the legislation, after such an application, the second parent must file a counterclaim in court to see the children more often and have the right to their upbringing. But there was no reaction from Brad Pitt.

The whole world decided that Brad Pitt had abandoned his children. But there are several explanations for this behavior of the actor. The first reason is the father’s reluctance to attract undue attention of the press and the whole world to children. For them, it is a big blow and do not needs to hurt their psyche even more. It is worth noting that the elder son of the pair, 15-year-old Madox, refused to meet with his father because of their constant conflicts.

The next explanation is that Brad Pitt is currently under investigation. It does not give him the opportunity to deal with the issue of custody of his children. As it was known earlier, Angelina Jolie stated that children’s father often scandalized with them, his younger children were very afraid. And with the elders he constantly entered into conflicts, and happened even, raised a hand on Madox. The police have already begun to investigate this case and collect all the evidence.

It can’t be said that Brad Pitt abandoned the children, because there were many reasons for this behavior. It also became known that the actor met with the father of Endji in order to ask the relative to influence his daughter. But for many years father and daughter do not communicate at all. Moreover, Angelina Jolie was furious when she discovered about such a visit of the ex-spouse.