Cannes Festival did not leave anyone indifferent.

Most recently in France, namely in Cannes ended the Cannes Festival. The festival was held from 17 to 28 May, and during this time there were many interesting events, awards were given the films that until the last remained in the non-competition zone.

The most popular Cannes Festival in the world celebrated its anniversary this year.

The 70th anniversary celebrated the international competition. In honor of such an event, the organizers decided to collect the most famous and authoritative movie stars. For example, the leading festival was the Oscar-winning Italian film actress Monica Bellucci, the head of the jury of the main competition was the well-known screenwriter from Spain and the director Pedro Almodovar. And the official poster of the festival was adorned by the beautiful Italian actress Claudia Cardinale.

The jury consisted of 12 people in different categories of the competition.

In the main competition, the jury consisted of many famous directors and actors. The most famous of the actors were Will Smith, Agnes Jauy, Fan Bingbin, Jessica Jasten. A special look was the legendary Uma Thurman. In the selection of short films the jury introduced Christian Mungiu. The famous French actress Sandrine Cyberlen became the Chairman of the Golden Chamber.

About 22 countries took part in the competition, each of which was presented several films in different nominations.

From Ukraine, the film-drama, staged by Ukrainian director Sergey Loznitsa under the title «Meek» was presented. Russia was represented by the film «Loveless» directed by Andrey Zvyagintsev.
The French film «120 beats per minute» directed by Robin Kampiyo received most of the nominations in almost all contests. Ukraine, unfortunately, did not receive a single award in this festival, but was recognized as a good work. While Russia received an independent award, namely the prize of Fipress in the program A Special Look at the film «Tightness» of Russian director Kantemir Balagov. Also the work «Loveless» of the Russian director Andrey Zvyagintsev was received the jury’s prize in the Main Competition.

The film critics who attended the Cannes Film Festival singled out several films that made a huge impression on them. The first of these films was the comedy of Michael Haneke «Happy End». The plot is based on a strange story, in which the director himself laughs at himself, over the surrounding people and over his habits. The second of the best films, according to critics, was the work of Andrey Zvyagintsev «Loveless». According to critics, this work is a continuation of the story from «Leviathan», for which the director received the Golden Globe. The film «The Murder of the Reindeer» by the Greek director Yorgos Lantimos, who won prizes in three nominations at the Cannes Film Festival, is also considered one of the best works.

A lot of films have been recognized, both by the jury and the public. Therefore, we can say that the Cannes Festival has collected the best world paintings as always, as well as the legendary actors and actresses of Hollywood. And, despite its seventieth anniversary, the festival remains at the top of the cinema industry contests around the world.